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Office 365 Planner



Will you implement Flow for Office 365 Planner also, if so do you have any ETA for this?


Thanks for an excellent solution so far!

Status: Completed

Good news: you can now create planner tasks with the new connector. Read more here: - if you have futher requests for planner please open new suggestions. Thanks!

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We are currently evaluating planer as our new, centralized task management plattform. One of the Must-Haves is the automatic creation of new tasks based on mails or other events.

The integration of Planer in Flow would be a top argument to choose Planer/Flow over another task management tool.

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Would love to see the ability to toggle notifications based on type of updates...whether its a closed out item or someone added a new one.

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Hello, liking Planner v. much.


We could do with a Flow which marks tickets as "Done" when they are put in a certain bucket 


That way we can use it as an Agile Board, rather than a task list hybrid


Thanks, DanC


Love Planner and Flow. 


Would love to see the ability to save attachments to the the Group/Planner email adress to be saved in the document library. This could be considered a Groups or Planner idea but would love to see that coming soon.



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Would be great to see Planner integration with Flow

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I'm in agreement here, having planner in flow would be a great asset. At a minimum, being able to create tasks from email triggers would be highly beneficial.

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It would be great to be able to link SharePoint lists with Planner tasks and vice versa.  Is this part of the road map?

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+1 ability to create a planner task from Flow and likewise create an action based on a planner activity is a must have.


Example I need - document uploaded,  trigger a planner task for review, include attachment,  planner task can be moved around the team and when it gets to approved triggers a new flow to move the document to approved folder.


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+1 Flow for Planner (must have integration with Sharepoint Lists, nice to have further O365 Email approvals).


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Would be great to have approval flow for move between buckets.