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Office 365 User Profile Trigger

I would like to have as a trigger - the creation of new or updates to an Office 365 user's contact info.



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This would be extremely helpful for maintaining a List database of employees!!!

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If user is added to an Active Directory group trigger.


I'd like to make several "role based triggers" like adding all employees of a particular job description to an Office 365 group.

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I would also like to use this for when a user is created (or added to Azure AD, either way), to send the users a Forms form a few weeks after we migrate them from on-prem to O365, to see how they like it.

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There is a huge lack in Azure AD triggers! As of today, July 10th, 2018, no triggers are available. How is this even possible?


We are trying to improve user onboarding and one of the steps we would like to implement is to send an email to users added to Office 365 with an attachment that is located in a SharePoint library on how to use company resources.

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Agreed. This would be great for sending an automated welcome email message with helpful resources etc.

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Need this feature, to automatically send welcome email to newly created o365 users. Aug. 30 2021.