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Office 365 Users - Get / Search on more fields

Using the Office 365 Users connector with the Search for Users action is great except that there doesn't appear a way to pick distinct fields from AD/graphAPI to search on.  

We had a user that recently changed their surname, and were using this connector to find users based on their email.  Their old email address is no longer their UPN or present in any other default fields that are searched in the Search By Users action, however as they still retain an email alias of their old email, it is contained within a field called proxyAddresses which is also in a AD/graphAPI.   I can return the proxyAddresses in the Get User Profile action's search parameter.


I've also noticed other posts on the power automate forums that have people try to search for other fields (eg job title).  The solution suggested has been to use the graph api with flow directly, but this requires the HTTP connector, which since that post was made is now a premium connector.


The other alternative, is to have a flow that queries all users from O365 and then filters within the flow, but this makes a simple flow, quite complex, especially if there are multiple paths in the flow where this search needs to be performed.  


The discussed solutions are quite cumbersome workarounds, which perhaps were ok when Power Automate was new and the licensing of the Http Request connector was still within the O365 bundled licensing, but now it means that simple flows that are just using O365 functionality by citizen developers, have to turn into premium flows simply to support the use case of a user getting married.  I don't believe it was the intent of Microsoft to constrain Power Automate and its use in this way, so I think bulking up the functionality of the Office 365 Users connector would be a way forward and improve the business user experience.

Status: New