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Office 365 Users: Search for Users (V2) Improvement or Fix

It would be best to improve the "Search for Users (v2)" to NOT retrieve any users in the directory when the parameters "Search Term and Top" is empty.
Other Ideas for improvement can be:
1. Changing the default value of Top to 1 to minimize pulling of unnecessary emails
2. Providing more warning for the end-users
3. Search Term and Top fields is found empty, make the flow Fail.

With the current design/behavior, end-users who are not familiar with the action are designing flows that accidentally sends 1000 emails and 1000 approvals to the users in the directory. This is due to the dynamic variable or the field for Search Term and Top was empty.

As of now, There is no clear mitigation steps to cancel or recall this items. This is 2 scenarios that  already occurred and possibly  more to come.

Please improve the action.


Status: New