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Office 365 outlook - Save Attachment to OneDrive or SharePoint site, remove attachment from email...

I'm just starting to look at Flow and was thinking about functionality to improve efficiency and drive better behaviour in O365. 


There are a couple of Flow Templates which will save an attachment to OneDrive or OneDrive for Business, which is a good start, but they don't help with management of the mail file. An improvement to the existing functionality, or addition of extra actions to allow the attachment to be saved, a link to be written into the body of the email referencing the saved attachment and then deletion of the attachment from the email would be great.


I can't see that the actions to achieve this are currently available.

Level: Power Up

I have more customers asking me about this functionality. Is it possible to make the functionality ourselves or we need help form "the Flow" guys 🙂

It would also be great if we could add an option to only do this if attachments are more than fx. 5 MB! (size needs to be decides be the user) 

Level: Power Up

Extending this action: an option to save an attachment to Sharepoint, for public access and tagging the file with metadata relating to say a customer, supplier. etc, for easy searching.