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Office365 Outlook Create Event: Ability to set the "private" flag

In the Office365 Outlook Create Event step, I would like the ability to set the "private" flag of the event. It would be an additional advanced field, similar to "Is HTML" and "Show As".


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Use case:

As a consultant I work for several customers. My customers each provide me an Office 365 user for collaboration and access rights to databases etc. Currently, my customers can see my calender in their own tenant, only. Customers could plan appointments better if they could see my complete list of available time slots, thus I would like to copy my appointments from my own calender to my calender in my customers tenant but flagging it as private appointment, so that customer A can't see what I will discuss with customer B, but only my free/busy times. (Unfortunately, sharing my calender's free/busy times doesn't work as expected when plannng a new appointment.)

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In fact you can set the sensitivity flag using GRAPH API.

See SetSensitivity flow for details.

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Thanks, this is a great solution @VictorIvanidze 


I was able to use your method to implement this for calendar events.


1. Add a step with the action 'Invoke an HTTP request / HTTP with Azure AD'


2. Set both the Base Resource URL and Azure AD Resource URI to:




3. Authenticate with an account that has permission to read/write to the calendar


4. Set values for the Invoke an HTTP request action:


Method: PATCH











This will update the calendar event and flag it as private. Setting the sensitivity as 'normal' will make the event public.

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@TullyH , I tried your instructions. But, I keep getting an error message "Id is malformed."

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Hi @Eddie24,


could you show your PATCH request?

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Annotation 2020-03-31 120941.png

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Hi @Eddie24,


Your PATCH request is the same as what I have been using. The malformed ID error you are getting seems unrelated to updating the calendar event. Can you try creating a new flow with just these steps and seeing if it works?


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@TullyH I have created a test flow and got the same error message. I also get the same error when entering it directly at

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Hi @Eddie24,


try to execute the same PATCH request using GRAPH Explorer: