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Office365 Outlook contacts sync with various sources



I need a template in Flow to keep contacts folders synchronized between two Office 365 Outlook accounts and / or Google account contacts. A current template exists that copies new Office 365 Outlook contacts from one account to a Google account contacts folder once per day. However, it is only between one Office 365 Outlook and one Google Calendar, only once a day (at a specified time - no trigger available from Office365 Outlook), only adds new contacts (no delete or change) and only copies one way.



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Hi, need the same. Also a simpler template that copies NEW O365 outlook contacts to google contacts. Also a new trigger is needed (O365 outlook - when a new contact is creaed).

BR Fritz  

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Thinking about the same. Did you already finished the task and may help?
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I need the same. I want to copy O365 contacts zu

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I want to sync my contacts from and gmail both ways just like is available with the calendar events.

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I think the O365 Create Contact is very poorly structured, in Outlook there are three modes, home, business and other.  The fields are not easy to distingusih, this needs to be resolved to save time and energy as you can easly identify the correct field you want to use like bus email.



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We need total CRUD Triggers and Actions for Contacts in:
1. our own mailbox
2. shared mailboxes the credential has access to
3. Global Contacts in the tenant, with option to show/hide in the GAL.

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