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Office365 Outlook contacts sync with various sources



I need a template in Flow to keep contacts folders synchronized between two Office 365 Outlook accounts and / or Google account contacts. A current template exists that copies new Office 365 Outlook contacts from one account to a Google account contacts folder once per day. However, it is only between one Office 365 Outlook and one Google Calendar, only once a day (at a specified time - no trigger available from Office365 Outlook), only adds new contacts (no delete or change) and only copies one way.



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Hi, need the same. Also a simpler template that copies NEW O365 outlook contacts to google contacts. Also a new trigger is needed (O365 outlook - when a new contact is creaed).

BR Fritz  

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Level: Power Up
Thinking about the same. Did you already finished the task and may help?
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I need the same. I want to copy O365 contacts zu

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I want to sync my contacts from and gmail both ways just like is available with the calendar events.