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Office365 Planner triggers on cards updated

Would be greate to have the possibility to push Planner notifications into Slack.

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need a Plammer Trigger, that create a Outlook Task (Office 365 or Microsoft "To-Do")

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I use a Planner board for each of my teams but I need a rollup in one place. I also need to add additional information about each project and roll that up as well. Currently I manually enter each project/Planner task into excel so I can add additional project informaiton in new columns and then do roll up and reporting.  


It would be great if creating a new task in planner triggered a new row in an excel doc with the name of the task, a link to the task, who it's assigned to and the bucket. Also if the modification of the task triggered updating of the row information for that task. This could be similar to the flow template that allows you to add and modify rows in excel based on new or modified documents in sharepoint.



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would be nice to have new comments to a planner task as a trigger to forward to on-premises data gateway in Microsoft Flow

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Allow me to integrate my to do's with Planner so that truly I can utilize planner as a central hub for all my To Do's... ones I create, or ones that are assigned to me by others via planner

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It would be nice if there was a trigger for when a new task is added to a plan in planner.  This way I could push the planner task to my outlook tasks.

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I would like to start action after entering new item in office 365 planner and also action after finishing item out of planner list. 


However, no triggers are existing at the moment...

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I also have two use cases for Planner triggers:

1. When one is assigned to a task, s/he should get a notification (app / SMS / ..).

2. One should get a list of all tasks where s/he is assigned to, either automatically (periodically) or on request. This means from all teams and projects where one is cooperating.


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Would like a trigger when a new task is assigned.


First, ideal, implementation for this would be:  create a trigger around a plan that will create an Outlook calendar entry (with reminder) for each assignee of the task

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I love the ability to create a new Planner task from a new email arriving in a shared mailbox.

The email subject can be inserted into the task name field but there is no option to add the email body into the task description field.

I would have thought this was an easy update.




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This is very much needed. I have one (sone several) customers that use Flow to "copy" task created in Dynamics 365 into Planner - works fine. Would like it to be possible to include a field with a link back to the record in Dynamics 365 to make it perfect.


Most critical is the capability to update the task back into Dynamics 365, so when the task is done in Planner, it will be set to done in Dynamics 365.