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Office365 Planner triggers on cards updated

Would be greate to have the possibility to push Planner notifications into Slack.

* Card moved: "xxxxx" from list "Accepted" to list "In progress"

* New comment on card "xxxxx" by Peter Pan

* Card renamed from "xxxxx" to "yyyyy"

Status: Under Review
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This is a must have, should of been avaliable from the start.

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This would be ENORMOUSLY helpful.

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Also: trigger based on date/time such as due date/time or reminder date/time before the due date 

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We would also like the planner notification on bucket change.  We need a way to notify the responsible party or those interested when work has changed buckets.

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It would be great to trigger a flow when a Task is completed on a specific Bucket

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We have a list (SharePoint) of projects, when a new project is added it automatically creates a Planner card.  Our Planner board has status buckets (waiting, in progress etc), great for teams to use.  Ideally we'd like to update the recorded status in the list when a card moves bucket (changes status).  A bucket changed trigger would be perfect!

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This is important for us too. With planner severely lacking in notification options, we are resorting to flow to notify our users of action they need to take. I.e. comments: either you get an email for every comment on every task in every bucket of every plan, or you get no comments at all. What about just tasks assigned to you? A Flow could take care of this for us if only a comment fired some sort of trigger.

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We just need a basic "When a task is updated/modified" trigger


This should be easy to implement!