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Office365 Planner triggers on cards updated

Would be greate to have the possibility to push Planner notifications into Slack.

* Card moved: "xxxxx" from list "Accepted" to list "In progress"

* New comment on card "xxxxx" by Peter Pan

* Card renamed from "xxxxx" to "yyyyy"

Status: Under Review
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I would like to be able to move a task from one bucket to another bucket. I think this would be a common request but I didn't see it doing some light searches so I'm sorry if it is a duplicate request.

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 @Stephen this has been under review since june, any progress or news? 

We're trying to migrate 100+ users from Trello/Zapier but we do need triggers for card updated. Currently the only blocker.

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Indeed, triggers on Planner in Flow would be very useful, in order to send automatically notification when some task are done.

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It would be helpful to have a Trigger in Planner for when a task is updated.

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Yes.  need a trigger when card is updated.  We get an email, why can't we connect this trigger and do other things in Flow?


Please update ASAP

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I agree. I'm trying to create an outlook event for task due date, current triggers don't really facilitate this if the due date is set after the task is assigned 😕

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I would like a trigger for planner when a task is moved to a specific bucket, so that I can take action on certain buckets.

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Not only Task Trigger ,updates and also completion... I would also recomend  seemless  Integrating notification step wih custom objects like themes,emojis and other progress monitoring tools will be helpful. A task should have capability to remind one prior  day ,weekly,monthly reminder notification from planing phase to the completion phase .


I had no difficulty accessing task in mobile but my custom themes,images,icons and ability to share the task was difficult..

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It would definitely be useful to have a trigger when a planner task is updated (not necessarily for Slack).

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We need a trigger for when a planner task is updated currently it only has an option for when it is completed.