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Office365 Planner triggers on cards updated

Would be greate to have the possibility to push Planner notifications into Slack.

* Card moved: "xxxxx" from list "Accepted" to list "In progress"

* New comment on card "xxxxx" by Peter Pan

* Card renamed from "xxxxx" to "yyyyy"

Status: Under Review
Level: Power Up

I second this. someing like this in the other directionas well

/planner assign @ted to task 1234
Level: Power Up

Hi all, any progress on this? I think it is really a great idea

Level: Power Up

We need a Flow to copy our Planner Tasks or from Teams or directly from Planner into our ToDoist systematic

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I tend to use the task planner and the Tasks sheet in Excel online.  I share both of these with the members of the project teams and invariably the key stakeholders.  I need better visibility of when someone actually goes in and updates their own tasks.  It would also be handy if I got notice if they add or delete anything.

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When a task is asigned/completed in Planner/Wunderlist create/complete this task in Wunderlist/Planner.