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Office365 Planner triggers on cards updated

Would be greate to have the possibility to push Planner notifications into Slack.

* Card moved: "xxxxx" from list "Accepted" to list "In progress"

* New comment on card "xxxxx" by Peter Pan

* Card renamed from "xxxxx" to "yyyyy"

Status: Under Review
New Member

I second this. someing like this in the other directionas well

/planner assign @ted to task 1234
New Member

Hi all, any progress on this? I think it is really a great idea

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We need a Flow to copy our Planner Tasks or from Teams or directly from Planner into our ToDoist systematic

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I tend to use the task planner and the Tasks sheet in Excel online.  I share both of these with the members of the project teams and invariably the key stakeholders.  I need better visibility of when someone actually goes in and updates their own tasks.  It would also be handy if I got notice if they add or delete anything.

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When a task is asigned/completed in Planner/Wunderlist create/complete this task in Wunderlist/Planner.

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when in the app Planner a task is added, add the task in office365 tasks of the person the task is assined to. Label the task with de Plan name. 


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It would be great if Manager can retrieve tasks of Specific Employee to view what he is working on and how many tasks does he currently have. It would be great if that can be done in the form of Manager's Dashboard where only specific executives are allowed to enter and they can view the tasks of all the Employees working under them and also update the tasks from one Dashboard.

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Looking to be able to create a wunderlist tast when assigned a card in Planner

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I need some triggers like this.

  • when Im assigned to task
  • when complete task that i assigned
New Member

This would be a huge advance for Planner integration in a tech company.  Slack is the go to communication platform, and I'm really trying to use Planner for our PM needs.  PLEASE make this happen! 


We need triggers in Planner!


MS Visual Studio has triggers that connect with Slack - why not Planner?