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OneDrive Coy To SharePoint Using Recursive Folders

We need a working flow template that will copy, modify, or delete files on SharePoint folders when the operations are completed on OneDrive folders of the same folder structure.


For example, I have a folder structure "Shared Documents/Folder1/folder2/folder3" in both OneDrive and SharePoint. When I create a file called OneDrive "/root/Shared Documents/Folder1/folder2/folder3/MyFile.txt", the connector should copy the file to " Documents/Folder1/folder2/folder3/MyFile.txt".  The current create file flow templates recognize the creation of file in "/root/Shared Documents/Folder1/folder2/folder3/MyFile.txt", but copies the file to " Documents/MyFIle.txt".


I have tried many different flow templates and different flow actions, but have been unable to get the copy operation to recursively put the file in the appropriate SharePoint sub-folder where it belongs.


We also need flow templates that allow for recursive update and deletion of files.



Status: New