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OneDrive for Business - Create Folder

I want to create Folders in OneDrive for Business for each person how send me a mail with an attachmend.

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Helper I

I'd like to have the facility to create a subset of folders when I create a new one in Onedrive for Business.


For example, I have a "Customer Documents" folder.

When I create a new folder for "Customer XYZ Ltd" I then want to automatically create subfolders:



"Data Migration" etc.


So the structure would look like:


..\Customer Documents\

..\Customer Documents\Customer XYZ Ltd\

..\Customer Documents\Customer XYZ Ltd\ER's

..\Customer Documents\Customer XYZ Ltd\Data Migration


Any solutions which may work would be most useful, as the trigger which detects a file being created doesn't detect a folder being created.

New Member

How is this not a thing yet?

New Member

I would like to creat a new folder in OneDrive monthly, and move old files to the created folder.

"Creating folder in OneDrive" allows us to make monthly/weekly/daily file library automatically.