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OneDrive for Business Folder copy

Copy OneDrive Business Folder to ... (p.e. to google drive folder xyz)

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Same wish for Sharepoint folders. Not only copy, but delete the folder too.

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Hey there..

i found not the right connector/trigger for the problem..


It would be nice to create a flow to be copy a complete folder with items from onedrive to onedrive business folder.

so the can sync automatically about the folder to folder.

so you can you the your own structure about folder and items.. 

and not all items about in one folder..

I think about :  \\folder1\folder2\items... 



copy all and snyc to onedrive business folder \\folder1\....


or a back solution to sync from onedrive business to onedrive

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hi @ag82, i think it is not possible directly, because flow use connections and this two features have separed connection. I made a flow for this, but i found a bug when make a generic flow to send to you.


If u wanna, follow this post, and after my bug be solved i will send you an example of this.


Hope Have Helped,


Gustavo Moraes

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I need a way to copy files from a local network folder up to OneDrive for Business.  Can this be accomplished via Flow?

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