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OneDrive for Business Folder copy

Copy OneDrive Business Folder to ... (p.e. to google drive folder xyz)

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Hi Yoshihiro,


Thank you for the information.  Do you know if there is a way to do this for an entire directory?  I have a folder that has 60+ files that I need to copy up to OneDrive for Business.


Thank you!

Level 10

Hi @valerieHaines


You can use 'List files in folder' action of 'File System' connectors,

for copy some files in the folder.


I post a Flow cookbook 'Copy files in a folder from Local file server to OneDrive for Business every morning '.






I hope this cookbook for your help



Yoshihiro Kawabata




Level: Powered On

I think that it is useful to be able to copy folders within SharePoint Online (OneDrive for Business).
Please implement the function by all means.

Level: Powered On

You also need the ability to copy Google Drive folders to OneDrive ForBusiness.
Please be sure to execute it.