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OneDrive - list files in 'shared with me' folders

I would like to be able to use the current triggers and actions in the OneDrive connector with files and folders that are 'shared with me'. For example, I'd like to be able to send a reminder email on a recurring basis which contains a link to a file (an agenda for example) which was either created by me or someone else in a OneDrive folder which has been shared with me and others. In this example, I don't necessarily need to create a shared link since everyone I plan on sending the reminder to already have access to the folder; this is just a way to make their life easier with a direct link to the file they already have shared with them for their review.

Status: New
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please your support to integrate this solution or there is work around

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I have a shared folder use for the whole team and want to create automate flows on it to improve our business process.

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Please include this feature as want to copy/move files from Onedrive to SharePoint