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OneDrive - list files in 'shared with me' folders

I would like to be able to use the current triggers and actions in the OneDrive connector with files and folders that are 'shared with me'. For example, I'd like to be able to send a reminder email on a recurring basis which contains a link to a file (an agenda for example) which was either created by me or someone else in a OneDrive folder which has been shared with me and others. In this example, I don't necessarily need to create a shared link since everyone I plan on sending the reminder to already have access to the folder; this is just a way to make their life easier with a direct link to the file they already have shared with them for their review.

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I like to distribute pdf documents from a SharePoint libary to different users. The target users depends on an field value in the libary. I try to write direct to a shared ondrive folders of the users. But actually I am not able to write direkt to the users OneDrive Folders.

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I need to be able to push and pull files to shared onedrive accounts on a daily basis, but until I can reach shared files, I have to do this all manually.  This needs to be accessable in flow!

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I agree with this idea. Other departments have shared files with me that I'd like to move automatically with a Flow trigger, but I can't see Shared with Me files through Flow trigger. This addition would be phenomenal. 

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I receive orders via email with a purchase order in a .pdf attachment.  I would like to have the ability to set a flow to automatically move the attachment from the email into my organization's shared files folder

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A colleague shared a OneDrive (for Business) folder with the team and some external people for collaboration purposed.

Updates to files in this folder are rather limited, so it's useless to check this folder on a daily basis.


As such I'd like to receive an email once files in this folder are updated.

We don't want to have to have the folder owner to set up alerts for everyone in the team.

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I have almost the exact same need as @Potaato except that we want to be notified in Slack when a file in a shared folder is modified.

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When a file is created, I'd like to have an email sent to all users who have access to this file

But I can't find a way to get those shared users with the sharepoint connector

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please add this!!!

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I am trying to do daily copy from a one drive folder shared with me to another folder as a backup of the files.


Being able to access shared files is a much needed feature.

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I have found a workaround. You can make the flow yourself and then share ownership with the person who owns the folders or files in the OneDrive you are trying to connect to. That person then has to go in, remove your connections (wherever applicable), and add their own connections. From there you can go in to edit the flow and their OneDrive folders will appear for you to choose.