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OneNote - Create a page in section with Page title field.

Currently it will only create an untitled page.

If it can add more detail of the page for one note will be better.

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Hi, silly question - trying to figure out if a PDF file will be sent to onenote? I set-up the template but it just sending text to the page I indicated. Any insight would be great

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You can send the pdf as "multi-part" request

Reference to this example (it's for onenote api not graph, but it's the same idea)



Sorry this only work if you're a developer know how to post a Ms. Graph API request.

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I agree with ErichH. 


I feel like adding a "Page Title" option to allow for dynamic content and provide a user-friendly way for users with limited HTML experience.


Based on Andy1's title tag code: 

<title>Page Title</title>

Is it fairly easy to create a Title base on dynamic content from previous actions in your flow? 

How would identify the correct syntax from previous actions in your flow to place in the HTML "title tag"?


EDIT: (Sorry my lack of HTML is showing). If you want dynamic content to be your page title just select from your options and "Page Title" in the code with the dynamic option.



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I added this HTML code to my MS FLOW:



<title>Subject from Dynamic Content</title>


<body>Body from Dynamic Content</body>



Note: Replace the content dynamic content with a field from your form for the title of your OneNote Page and body. I opted not to include the line of code for the body and customized the content on my OneNote page.