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OneNote - Create a page in section with Page title field.

Currently it will only create an untitled page.

If it can add more detail of the page for one note will be better.

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I am using the following HTML in the flow and getting some weird  fill in the OneNote





<meta name="created" content=@{triggerBody()?['DateTimeReceived']} />




<p> @{triggerBody()?['Body']}</p>




OneNote Page shown below





\r\nThank you for contacting McLeod Software. 


A McLeod Software representative will be in touch with you soon to review your request. If you have any additional information that may assist our investigation for your request, please reference 1103608 - Drive time V On duty time is incorrect. 


Thank you for your partnership and we look forward to continuing to serve you. Have a great day! 


NTB's McLeod Software Contact Options: 
\r\nBy Phone: (205) 823-5100 
\r\nBy Email: 


Tonya Formby - Engagement Manager 
\r\nCurt Whitfield - Director, Customer Care Services 
\r\nChris Moore - Director, Auxiliary Services 
\r\nDale Brownbridge - Director, Operations 






Any Ideas

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Try triggerBody()?['body']?['content'], instead of, triggerBody()?['Body'].

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That worked thank you!

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<title>Page Title</title>


Worked for me, thank you!! 

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When I pasted in the HTML code from @natentb above, I get the following:


That is, the code:

<p> @{triggerBody()?['Body']}</p>


Automagically becomes:



So, I make jt's edit before pasting the HTML into the Flow. I still get the abundant instances of "\n" that appear to correspond to the line breaks within the HTML code.


What am I missing that is creating the \n's?



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Update to previous: When I use the code above with the template for "Create a page from important email", the body content comes across clean from the email to the OneNote page.


However, when I use the same code for "Create a new page in a section" with a manual trigger, I get the \n problem. 


Is there a difference in how the Outlook connector brings the body into OneNote?

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Dear All,


I have tried above approaches to add title to my OneNote Page in a section, still the page title remains "Untitled Page". Below is my code


My Flow: 



OneNote Page: 



Kindly help me if i am missing anything.


Thanks in advance.


Thank you.

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