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OneNote Link to Microsoft Todo

So the OneNote to Microsoft To-Do link would be highly useful if you're using lots of To-Do's in OneNote & MS ToDoList.


So Scenario is:-

The Trigger on OneNote would be "When a Todo is created"


The action could be to "Add to Microsoft ToDo List"


Then this could link the two up together and could sync with each other


This could possibly work if you're adding Section and pages in OneNote and then this could create separate lists on Microsoft To do.


Please tell me your thoughts.



Status: New
New Member

I'd love this integration.

I often take notes during meetings and make extensive use of the "To Do" tag.

I'm trying to adopt the Microsoft To Do app to improve my daily workflow but at the moment this means every time I add a to do tag in OneNote, I manually create one in To Do app as well (if I have the time while note-taking!).


It would be fantastic if I could set up a Flow to just dump every sentence I tag as a new To Do Item. It could go to its own custom list in the To Do app. I don't mind if I then triage the list later as part of the "My Day" routine. It would be useful if it also added the OneNote section and tab name to the To Do list item as well.


Of course, the other option is it just does this automatically in the background without Flow, just like Outlook Tasks do 😉

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Pleexy works that way with todoist and wunderlist as you can see they are integrating ms Todo too. They provide Todo linking both ways. 


It is a shame with all the power of Ms they didn't put this first on the roadmap. Idiotic. 

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My little workaround:


Open the note in web version of OneNote and paste the link into To DO entry. Not perfect, but I can have alink to "more details" contained in To Do entry

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OneNote To Do Tags automatically synced to the ToDo app during the pilot period, but have stopped doing that. Now there is a separate Outlook Task button in OneNote which syncs with ToDo, but that is not nearly as convenient as the prior process. Having OneNote To Dos sync with Outlook tasks and the ToDo app is a game-changer for those of us that have many, many tasks to keep track of and a need to prioritize daily! Please bring that back - there is no need for a separate type of task (Outlook tasks) in OneNote!
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I just wanna say I would like this feature too - I've discovered that when your role is not so email-heavy just using the mail app in windows works best (less clutter and to the point) so I stopped using outlook and started with microsoft to-do, but my life is still on OneNote, this would be a great addition for people that don't use outlook that much.


I 5th this! I live in One Note, Teams and Outlook - building a central repository of actions pulling from these apps in To-Do would be awesome 

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I 6th this too! OneNote is great for taking note and organice, I used for years. Would be perfect also that have automatic or optionally created group of list based on Blocks / Section and list based on pages. So when a new to do is created will be directly referenced, created and organized as well.

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OneNote 2016 is again supported by MS and is available for download. It allows both exporting tasks to Outlook (which then get synced to Todo) and searching by tags (so the checkmarks can be put in one list). The W10 App version of Onenote is all but useless.

 MS Todo could be a great task management system but MS had royally screwed it up by making the default sorting of search and tag click results by creation day with no way to change it, basically making the (potentially extremely powerful) tagging feature useless. Also, their "My Day" view can only be populated on the same day, assuming the user always has time in the morning to spend on managing their task list - most PMs would do that the night before as they have to jump right into the action the next morning. It is obvious that whomever made design direction decisions for Todo has zero real world project / task management experience.

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This is exactly the kind of functionality that would help me embrace Microsoft To Do more. Otherwise, it's clunky working between the two programs, and One Note is my go to for meetings with my team. Would love to have the OneNote To Do automatically create a task in To Do.