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OneNote Link to Microsoft Todo

So the OneNote to Microsoft To-Do link would be highly useful if you're using lots of To-Do's in OneNote & MS ToDoList.


So Scenario is:-

The Trigger on OneNote would be "When a Todo is created"


The action could be to "Add to Microsoft ToDo List"


Then this could link the two up together and could sync with each other


This could possibly work if you're adding Section and pages in OneNote and then this could create separate lists on Microsoft To do.


Please tell me your thoughts.



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I am also looking for this to come as template in Flow. 

have to-do list associated with page/section in onenote that way all information about that task can say in onenote. 

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This would be amazing!  Currently I add a checkbox to a line in my notes in OneNote as a reminder of what I need to do, then I go to Microsoft To-Do to add the item to my todo list.  Microsoft To-Do helps me prioritize everything I need to get done, but OneNote has all the context around why I need to get that task done.

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Running multiple projects acoss the country I use Onenote and MS Todo extensively. Along with tracking and following up on numerous emials. The one issue I have is remembering to follow up on the action items in Onenote unless I place these in MS Todo so the ability to link these together would be great

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So within onenote you can flag a line item as an Outlook Task.

If you do so, the task will be added to MS Todo automatically.


Not sure if that does the trick for you


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@ArnoldIJzermans - the new one note doesn't allow to flag unfortunately.