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OneNote Online Connector

I want to use OneNote Online with Microsoft Flow.



  • OneNote Online - When a page is created
  • OneNote Online - When a page is modified
  • OneNote Online - When a page is deleted
  • OneNote Online - Create page.
  • OneNote Online - Delete page.
  • OneNote Online - Update page.

Yoshihiro Kawabata



Status: Completed

You can now see many different templates for OneNote here:

New Member

Is there anything in the works for triggers for OneNote sections and pages when they are updated?  I would like to be able to email to a distribution list when a notebook page is updated.

Helper II

While this is labelled completed, Delete Page and Update Page are apparently not yet implemented for OneNote (Business) :


Are these planned?

Are these already requested elsewhere? (I could not find)