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OneNote (Personal) Connector

I would like flow to connect to my OneNote Personal account.

Status: New
Level: Power Up

I'm extremely angry at Microsoft for not support OneNote that is connected to my Office 365 Home (PAID) account as well.  It sucks to have to go to something like IFTTT or Zapier to get workflow support that comes as part of my subscription, however, will not work because it's not connected to a business or school account.


Shows how big Microsoft's blinders are ... PI$$es me off!

Level: Power Up

 It's amazing to me how Microsoft takes the time to support NON-MICROSOFT product connecter but not a non-business OneNote connector.


I simply want to connect OneNote 2016 (non-business) to Wunderlist.

Level: Powered On

Supporting OneNote personal is absolutely critical for making Flow personal actually useful!


Including a Flow action to append to existing OneNote pages.

It would be extremely helpful for placing content into the necessary existing context! 
The OneNote API apparently has been supporting this and Zapier do use it:

Level: Power Up

This idea is well over a year old and no response yet. Supporting your consumer, paid, customers is also critical. I have integrations IFTTT don't support but I would hope my paid MS tentant would.