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OneNote Trigger

When you tag something with "To Do" in OneNote, create a Planner My tasks entry.

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Great idea

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good idea,and i need it
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Most excellent idea! Please!

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This is on my wishlist!  More specifically, I'd like to be able to have custom tag trigger the making of a planner task and assign it to the person that is named in the custom tag.  For example, taking notes in onenote in a meeting, I use the custom "Sarah" tag next to a bullet item that is her responsibility.  I'd love a flow that is triggered once I use the "Sarah" tag to create a planner task with the text from the line tagged and have an additional step that assigns the task the toe 365 user "Sarah"


Is it unrealistic to wish for flow capabilities like this?





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Yes please, I need this feature too.

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Yes, been looking for this!  Also would be good to do it in reverse (if an item is added to planner it can be written to my checklist in OneNote)

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I'm looking for this feature, it would be great to use Onenote as a Buller Jornal!

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That's what I'm also looking forward.