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OneNote intergration with WunderList

When a task or to do is created in OneNote, create a task in WunderList

Status: New

I would love to have similar functionality to  Being able to auto create Tasks from OneNote into other Task apps would be a great feature.

Level: Power Up
How about a OneNote task to a SharePoint list?
Level: Power Up

I agree that with a focus on Wunderlist that you should be able to add a task in OneNote to Wunderlist just like you can today with adding an Outlook task.

Level: Power Up

 Yes, yes, yes this is a vital capability for me, adding actions to one note would finally have a point if they

found there way to Wunderlist.

Level: Power Up

Yes please!

Level: Power Up

Since Wunderlist will likely be sunset, wondering if this will happen with Microsoft To-Do?