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OneNote tags

Trigger - when you add a tagged item to a onenote page e.g. a To Do

This would allow you to export actions from meeting notes into a to do list app like Trello

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Im not sure why you would add a ToDO that you wouldnt want to pull.  In the off chance it happens, I would rather manually remove it than figure out a rule to keep it out to begin with.  

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Agreed.  I think I might have just got my wording mixed up.

I mean that, in more general terms, that anything, anywhere, in the office 365 suite of apps, emails and notes explicity marked as "todo" should always end up in ToDo.  Makes sense 🙂



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Yes, you are correct.  My organization is struggling right now with coming up with an easy solution for a master ToDo list.  We dont like OneNote tags, but so far its the closest we have gotten.  If OneNote tags had Flow Triggers, we could easily send them to Planner.  The Ideal solution would be to modify Planner to allow for a Master Planner view.  

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I don't know what software/tech resources you have, but you could work some eleaborate sequence where you pull the notes with the rest API,, then email it to yourself, and then use an inbound Flow rule to add it to ToDo.


It's painful, and you'd have to code the parsing of the onenote page to pull the tags, but it might work 🙂


In fact, ..., that's a great idea, ..., I might take a look myself 🙂


yep, this is a great idea