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OneNote trigger for new page in entire notebook

See title. Right now there is a trigger for a new page in a specific section - this is not very flexible. I would like to be able to get a trigger for a new page at any level in a notebook (section group or section or entire notebook).

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Microsoft PJ


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Yes! I need this. My use case is, a new page is created in a notebook, which is integrated with Dyamics 365. The OneNote notebook is aassociated to a specific record in Dynamics 365 - for example 'A Datum'. Currently, the only trigger implemented, requires that I specify the 'A Datum' notebook. I would like the trigger to be generic, so that I can determine the notebook at run time.

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I have same issue. 

If Onenote Notebook is not created, you will not be able to access the notebook from mobile apps.

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This is essential. 


Currently, we have to create a duplicte trigger for every section.  Busywork.  And those flows break every time a new section is added.  Unproductive.

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Very.....very essential trigger "one trigger for the entire notebook when a new page is added in any section or section group. Please add it asap to make flow more attractive to client users.


Thank you!