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OneNote trigger when editing text

I would like to send an alert to my team when Onenote page is revised.

Status: New
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This could make Power Automate truly useful for lots of scenarios involving OneNote and beyond!


There's definitely a need to for triggers on update, and more granular trigger/action outputs than just at the page/document level. It must be at the level of actual content like with the Fluid framework (MS already work on making Fluid work in OneNote).


Just one example: when maintaining and collaborating on the team knowledge in OneNote, when a specific page is updated (e.g. adding a new reusable link with a note, i.e. paragraph with a certain tag), automatically post a bot notification to the related Teams channel.


Then we could use Power Automate to create selective rule-based sync of actual shared content across multiple notebooks/sections (that for various reasons need to keep existing separately).