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Onenote - Editing a Page in a Section

It would be nice to have a trigger for OneNote that doesn't just use creating a new section or group, but that also includes editing a page or a section in a group.

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This would let us know easily what time work was completed too


I rely on OneNote to handle training content for 49 employees. Their feedback can be input into a NoteBook I created using OneNote Class Notebook Creator, but it would be easier if I had a notification everytime someone does an edit.

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This would be very helpful. often my team are just updating info on a current page rather than creating another page each time so that would be very useful.

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This would be very useful, especially in order to work with redundant OneNote notebooks. Please make this happen as fast as possible. 

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I agree - this would be very helpful. I have to follow up on many many OneNote sections and would like to get informed by email, once a section has been edited.

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This is so fundament, how can it not be a trigger?  I guess they were thinking it would create too many notifications.  BUt isn't that up to the creators and users of the flow?  What could be a more essential trigger than edit?