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Open and Close File with Flow

I  would like the functionality to open and close a file with Flow. At leats files from the Office producs..Reason: I dynamically link my List to Excel Spreadsheet. In excell i compile graphs. If I change my items in my list It only pulls through to Excel the moment I open it. If I can use the schedule trigger to open and close my spreadsheet at specific time so it can update the info for the Graphs

PS: The Graphs are being displayed in SP

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I have a similar issue. 

  1. Automated reports are sent by email (some Excel data, some pictures) 
  2. Flow automatically saves all of the attachments to SharePoint 
  3. An Excel spreadsheet (saved in SharePoint) links to the Excel report data and creates charts* 
  4. A PowerPoint presentation (also saved in SharePoint) links to the report pictures and the Excel charts to create the final presentation 

This whole process still requires someone to open the Excel and PowerPoint files and click "Update Links" before the presentation is sent out.  If Flow could do this, the whole process could be automated. 



*Embedding the Excel file in the PowerPoint file would eliminate this step


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I would like to be able to open an excel file from a specific entity in Dynamics 365 online.  When pricers are working within a record in Opportunity Products, they need to be able to open an excel file stored on SharePoint that is used to calculate IRR.