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Option to approve Flows within email in outlook client

Please add Option to approve Flows within email in outlook client,


I would like to know if there's an option for end user to approve request from the approval request email without being navigated to the flow's received requests site from Outlook client ? This works well with OWA in eb browser, but not in Outlook client.


Can we not have the same look anf feel of Flow approval emails in Outlook client and Outlook web app ?

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This would be appreciated for those of us who are tied to Outlook client in our workplace.

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This would be nice to have a consistent experience acoss the org.

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This is a much needed option as most of the users are using Outlook Mobile app or Client now. Please consider this

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We use and none, web nor client would allow us to approve/comment within the email. Always get a redirect to Flow page which confuse users.


It would be awesome to be able to approve and comment on the same email 🙂


Please consider this feature request for O365 users.




Edit: Just found this article related to this topic. Hope it helps