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Option to change PAD language in the PAD configuration, instead of a the operating system level

Currently, if you want to change the language in Power Automate Desktop (PAD), you have change your operating system default/main language to the one you want.


I vote for having something much simpler. For instance, in Teams is as simple as going to the Teams configuration and just changing the "App Language" setting. After that you restart teams, and that is all you need to do (in Teams).


Could that also be accomplished in PAD ?

Status: New
New Member

If you do not want to wait for a change, you could patch this yourself. But the PDA source is not open. So sad

Frequent Visitor

I mean, this should not be that difficult to accomplish.

Right now my easiest fix is to close PAD -> Delete my default language folder under "C:\Program files (x86)\Power Automate Desktop\" -> start PAD

Now PAD will default to English, because it cant translate into my language.


But this has to be done after each update. And we should not have to touch the program files to change the language.