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Option to remove the unsubscribe from email form

Please allow an option to remove this:


"If you want to unsubscribe from these emails, please use this form."


Flow is not voluntary for those my business is sending alerts to, thus the option to unsubscribe can hinder performance.



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Yes please, good idea

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It is "features" like this which make me wonder if anyone at Microsoft has ever actually worked in a corporate environment besides their own. 

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Advocate II

In my case the emails are annoying but necessary in the workplace environment and I don't want people to be able to unsubscribe from them.

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There exists a commercial solution named ModifyNotification (a Power Automate flow) that will do the following:

1) Removing an unsubscribe link from notification message

2) Allowing an administrator to set the sender address and name (for example Notifier <>) for notifications.


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I work in a Corporate environment.  Our Power Automate flow uses the Send an email notification (V3).  I had to add a note above the unsubscribe line telling people not to use it.  Why isn't there an option to disable this feature?  This is the note that I added to all of our e-mails  (Negative advertising for this product...).

** Please do not Unsubscribe. This is a Microsoft Power Automate email feature that currently cannot be disabled.