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Option to set required resolution for unattended processes on Gateway / PAD BEFORE connection

Hi all,


I would like to suggest a very important improvement to Power Automate (Desktop). 


When Power Automate is asked to run am unattended process on an PAD Gateway, it would be great to be able to set a required screen resolution for the established RDP session (before the connection).



Once connected to a remote desktop, it is not possible to change the resolution of the screen. In our case, the resolution defaults to 1024x768 and the causes many menu elements to disappear in MS Dynamics. In PAD there is a "set resolution" action, but this fails since you cannot change the resolution AFTER connection / the Windows session is established. And that is why it will be very useful to be able to indicate a required resolution for the RDP connection.


Since most enterprises run robots / processes on virtual machines, this is in my opinion a must have for PAD to be useful in an enterprise environment (for unattended processes).


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I think this is very much needed. Currently, it's creating lots of problems, as developers build RPAs in bigger resolutions. Having the flexibility to change the resolution is very important.

Current Set Resolution action is pretty much redundant. 

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@RPA-FRAY @sakula1996 


Here is the solution:


Open the C:\Program Files (x86)\Power Automate Desktop\UIFlowService.exe.config set Microsoft.Flow.RPA.UIFlowService.ScreenDefaultResolutionEnabled to true.


Also, you can change the default width/height/scale as per the below screenshot.




Restart and done.