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Order Flow buttons inputs

I would love to be able to reorder the Flow button inputs. If I added name (text) and later on I would decide first name (text) and last name (text) is better for this Flow, I would like to move them to the top of the list.

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Dear Flow Team,


I have the same request as above. I would like the variables to appear in an order that makes sense to the user.

Advocate I

Same here, just started looking into button flows and it would really be useful to be able to change the order instead of having to rebuild the whole step.

Regular Visitor

Yes - this is a true time waster when the end user wants to make an adjustment to the input layout.

New Member

I am also having this issue, fixing the order requires you to essentially re do your flow and then is changes the order again! Very frustrating!!

Helper II

Same goes for similar trigger such as "for a selected item" in SharePoint.


I'm having the same issue. I have to redo the flow every time I want to reorder the input fields. 

Resolver I

Need this. Thanks for submitting.