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Order of Inputs to Flow triggers

I often create inputs in 'for a selected file' triggers which I use to update file contents (usually Excel files).


When the flow runs, the inputs are displayed in the order listed in the trigger. If I want to add another input to the trigger later, it has to go at the bottom of the list since I can't insert it between two existing inputs, (or can I).


It would be handy to add an ordinal value  to each input  (1...n, default = auto) which determines the top down order in which they're displayed when the flow runs. This way we can add an input to the bottom of the list but have it displayed anywhere we choose at runtime. This will help to group all the inputs in a meaningful way.


Also could we have an input type 'horizontal rule', again with an ordinal value? I'm aware that a horizontal line isn't really an input but this would allow the inputs to be grouped logically and separated visually.


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Frequent Visitor

I had to go through 8 pages to find this. Hope they will look at this idea soon.


I had to delete all the inputs and add new ones with different names again and then change all nodes that use the user inputs. Were you able to get any work around?

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