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Outlook Category as a trigger for OneNote

I'd like to create a flow where a user catagorizes an email in Outlook and that email gets added to the appropriate section in a OneNote notebook. 

I know there is a way to send emails to one note, and that is by emailing them to Furthermore it is possible to direct the emails to a specific section in that notebook by adding @desiredsection to the end of the subject line. This works fine if the section name is short and if you occationally want to add emails to the notebook. However if the section name needs to be descriptive it becomes tedious to add the section name to each email. 


Idealy what I'd want the user to be able to do is 

1: Create a Section in OneNote and create a Catagory with the same name

2: When an email comes in, the user assigns it to a catagory

3: Flow is triggered and the email is copied/sent to OneNote, placed in the appropriate catagory. 


It seems simple enough in concept, but I'm new to Flow so maybe the answer is obvious and I'm just missing it.

Any help is appreciated, thanks!

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Yeah, it would definitely be helpful to have a way to align the contexts captured at least in:

  • OneNote (notebook/section group/section/page structure and tags)
  • Outlook (categories and folders, if only they were a multi-level multi-assignment entity like in Gmail)
  • To-Do and Planner

Ideally, the context entity (multi-level folders/tags/categories) should be available and reusable as a sort of Fluid class and objects across applications.