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Outlook / M365 - Update event (V4) - Create event (V4) - Set Category

After spending a few hours getting a new flow working correctly, I found that there is no option to set an event category for the 'Create Event (V4) and Update event V4' flow templates.  I should be able to expect that all of the features and options available in the OWA version of Outlook would be available here.


Running through all of the available options, it looks like event categories and designating the event as a teams meeting are the only missing options.  Please see my color-coded comparison.


Thanks for reading!


Color-coded differences of options between power-automate flows and OWA outlook calendarColor-coded differences of options between power-automate flows and OWA outlook calendar


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Yes. I agree. I just came across the same thing as creating a category within a flow is also what I need to do too. It is especially valuable from a mobile perspective as the mobile Outlook app and native Android and iOS mail apps don't allow you to assign a category when creating events. You have to use your mobile browser and sign into to do this which is awkward on a small mobile screen. This way with a flow you could do an Update Event action and assign a category when an event is created.