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Outlook/Office 365 mark mail as completed

Can you add an action to Office 365 Outlook - mark  mail completed

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Hi @Michal


Yes, I want to mark completed flag to Office 365 Outlook - mail.1.png





Yoshihiro Kawabata

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And also remove the Flag too.


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This is an awesome feature! I am currently executing several flows triggered when an email is received in a certain folder thanks to rules in outlook; but I haven't found an easy way to confirm that the execution worked fine while staying in Outlook, either if I send a confirmation email or if I open Microsoft Flow web console, the verification process is tedious. But imagine once the trigger is executed, we first flag the email automatically, then the service logic is executed, and only when the flow is about to successfully terminate, we mark the email as completed automatically. It will be very very easy then to identify which flow executions did not even start (i.e. emails neither flagged not completed), which flow executions failed (i.e. emails flagged but not completed) and which flow executions succeeded (i.e. emails marked as completed).

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Currently I am trying to move the email to a different folder as means of confirmation, if we had the ability to categorize the email this could also work

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I am using When email is flagged as a trigger. I would also like to have this action to mark an email as completed so that fllaged emails stop coming up as flagged. Currently the user has to go and mark the task as completed.

Please let us know if this action will be developed....

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Seriously, why isn't this a standard feature? 
If you can enable it, why not be able to change its state/disable it? 


In short, this would be a valuable addition, yes. 

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I can only back this one up. I can set a flag but can't remove or check it. That's just incomplete.


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I can see that this is now available - thank you Microsoft Power Automate team!




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For anyone who's looking for this as a trigger not an action I've made post here:


Add A Trigger To Office 365 Outlook Mail Items With The Flag Status 'Complete' 


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