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Outputs with the Action name.

I want to know Outputs's source action in my flows.

Now I need to  know the source action of each "Outputs" for edit my flows.



Yoshihiro Kawabata





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Flow cannot be used for any meaningful business workflow with more then a few actions. The inability to identify the source action for an input makes it impossible to know where any input comes from.


You end up with hundreds of 'value' and 'Outputs' an if you refer to an input that happens to have the same name as an output from another action it becomes one huge workflow of actions with meaningless inputs.


I can't see how anybody could review a Flow and have any idea how to identify what actions are providing inputs.


Please display the 'Action Name - Output Name' when inserting outputs into actions.


Also make the action name searchable when looking for dynamic content.



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Thank you @TechShed for Vote


Yes, I really need "Action Name - Output Name" of each output for create/update my flows.



Yoshihiro Kawabata