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PAD: Paste into multiple cells and Drag Formula

This is for Power Automate Desktop.


The existing "Paste cells to Excel Worksheet" action in PAD does not have an ability to paste into multiple cells at the same time.

Having this option will give two features at once.

1. To copy paste some value into multiple cells at the same time

2. To drag the same formula into the destination cells at the same time.


No. 1 is pretty easy to understand.


Example for No. 2 above:

Having an option to Copy from cell D2 and paste into multiple cells (D3 to D8) will act like dragging the same formula throughout in one go.




Status: New
Super User

In addition to this, I believe the “Copy” from Excel function is limited to values only.  In the drop down should be an alternative for copying formulas, same as Control C.