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PDF Converter

Change a word document into PDF and save in Sharepoint library.
Status: Completed

You can now convert any documents stored in Onedrive For business to a PDF. Read more about this new feature here:  

Level: Powered On

Add and action to save an email as a PDF.


Our use case is accessable archive of marketing emails sent. Much easier to access a bunch of files rather than a shared mailbox.

Level 10

I want to printing a item with specific format from my flows action.

A lot of company need to printed papers or send fax.


Input : Rows, Row, Json

Option: Format by Word, Excel, PDF

Output: Paper, Fax

Scenario: Print a reciept, Print a check, Print record file, Print continuous form



Yoshihiro Kawabata

Level: Powered On

Wonderful idea!

Level: Powered On

Yes great idea... together with shared mailbox integration and this feature, it would be much easier for my users to see orderd as PDF on sharepoint rather than on sharedmailbox.

Level 8

This would be very helpful especially working with SharePoint. Any idea if this is in the works for future updates?