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PDF Converter

Change a word document into PDF and save in Sharepoint library.
Status: Completed

You can now convert any documents stored in Onedrive For business to a PDF. Read more about this new feature here:  

Level 10

I wish Flow enables me print a Document (after it is triggered) to PDF Printer.

PowerApps Staff
Status changed to: Under Review
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Currently moving to SharePoint online and resigned to writing off the license cost of 2x Muhimbi PDF convertor licenses as they were not willing to transition the existing license cost to SharePoint Online. Cannot justify paying for a 3rd Party solution again to PDF a document

Level: Power Up

I still stand by my previous statements and besides that, I can't believe that Muhimbi hijacked this thread. The Microsoft flow uservoice should fall under Microsoft's reign. A partner/3rd party vendor telling people that this is covered under a partnership/collaboration is not a valid response to a feature request that should be looked at by the Flow team. They are the ones that have final say in what does or does not make it on the backlog. If people ask the flow team for a barebones convert to PDF(/a) feature, they are not asking the muhimbi team, they're asking Microsoft.


JRitmeijer, thanks for the reply. I've taken a look at the licensing and am deeply disappointed by the associated costs for a suitable licensing option that's actually useful for companies to use. I can totally see why muhimbi offers it's solution and it's probably even good. But again, we're talking barebone conversion here, not the 'Merging, Watermarking, Securing and OCR facilities...' market.


Kind regards (and I hope the Flow team will look at this thread the right way)



My thoughts are my own and not to be associated with my employer.


Level 10


Yes, a simple PDF Printer connector to convert files in SPO or OD4B, or Outlook emails and/or attachments even using using Windows 10 MS PDF printer is very necessary to have. In that case, it does make sense that Flows checks filetype before it prints to PDF.