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PLEASE give us REAL control on Data/Time format

PLEASE give us REAL control on Data/Time format in both entry and output. I have just created an Approval flow for testing, the email message i received states that user requested approval at "2017-05-22T20:41:46Z ", this is not easy to understand that it is 22 May 2017 at 20:41:46 time.


If in Entry, like in Reoccurance, i use trial and error to be able set us the step at the time I need because i never understand the date/time format imposed.


please allow us use am/pm, and be able to have multipel choice of format like in Excel, include DAY 

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I need to be able to format a date in this format, coming out for Microsoft Forms



You can currently use Workflow Definition Language ( and the Standard Date and Time Format Strings ( to format the output of the times you'd like. 


So your example "2017-05-22T20:41:46Z " can be fed in to formatDateTime() with your selected format (for example, formatDateTime('2017-05-22T20:41:46Z', 'g') will output '5/22/17 8:41:46 pm')

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That's great, but if the trick of feeding it into the time-zone conversion connector in flow and converting it back to the same timezone, then choosing the proper formatting from a drop-down works, why can't we just have a simpler connector that takes in a time/date column from a List in SP and then gives you that same drop-down so you can just reformat it there and get the same result back. That should already be an out of the box feature if you ask me.