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Packaging Flows / Data Source / PowerApps / Reporting as a Solution Template

As a company we have been piloting Smartsheet for various purposes. What we have come to realize is that in many ways, Smartsheet is kicking Microsoft's butt in ease-of-use for power-users to create and duplicate solutions (data capture, lists, workflows and reporting). Allow me to explain...


We are able to build Smartsheet lists with forms for data capture, reporting, and dozens of workflows based on triggers for specific columns. We create the "gold master" then we can simply duplicate/rename it, and WHAMO!... we have a solution which can be redeployed for various teams within minutes. If we want to do the same in O365, the same exact scenario is a logistical nightmare. Imagine that we have a table with a large amount of columns and will eventually have tens of thousands of records (in dataverse or SharePoint) with 24 flows that automate very routine activities. I could feasibly duplicate the data source, e.g. saving a SharePoint list as a template. However, I would then need to duplicate all 24 flows, and edit each step of each flow to connect it to the new data source. That could easily mean editing 4,800+ steps (depending on complexity of the flow). Then I would need to duplicate all of my PowerApps, and edit all of my data sources and code. And then, I would need to duplicate my PowerBI reports / dashboards to reconnect datasets, edit my code and formulas. All of this adds up to countless hours. Anyone else see the problem here? 


While Smartsheet licenses aren't the cheapest out there if I need SSO... if I need to burn that many hours duplicating a solution, it would be well-worth downgrading my bevy of O365 business premium power-users to online/exchange only, and ramp up those users in Smartsheet. In the future, Smartsheet might make some acquisitions to perform email, file storage/management, and meetings... then eat Microsoft's 365 enterprise lunch. (I know, that is a bit of a stretch, but 3 years ago, I had not even heard of Smartsheet).


Microsoft team: You guys are doing a great job. I cannot commend you enough for the strides made in the past decade. But you have Smartsheet overtaking you in an area which you have been dominant. PLEASE, for the love of productivity and competition... play some catch-up quickly!

Status: New