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Packaging dependencies with attended/unattended runs

Packaging dependencies with attended/unattended runs


For instance, I have a txt file or a xml file that I want to use for configuration or static values within my flow that I don't want to hard-code into the PAD flow when it could be an innerText change in a node. Also, I don't want to manually drop this file on the target machine, nor do I want to put it on a shared drive as these could result in un-trackable production file changes as they are not associated with a Solution.


Potentially could do something like this with the CI/CD pipeline, but in this case we are totally relying on the pipeline to associate our dependencies that are external to the system's required components to execute - would be cool to have a way for the user to directly require a dependency on a file within the PAD flow editor.

I am a bit confused if deployments can occur from a CI/CD pipeline? If a PAD flow has to be wrapped in a Cloud flow, where the Cloud flow can do the scheduling...?


Does this make sense at all? If all of these people go to the party together, they should sit together.

Status: New