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Parameters for Power Query

Could there be some way to pass a variable from a previous flow step into the Power Query as a parameter. I see there are already parameters for the SQL Server and Database and I have been able to add more parameters into the Power Query using a similar approach. However I have not then been able to populate that parameter from Flow.


I have thought of a workaround of creating a file which is maintained by Flow to hold the parameter which is then read by Power Query - but of course this gets tricky if two flows are running at the same time.


When using Power Query to process something called from a previous step one does not want to read the whole table but just the records relevant to that step so some means of filtering is needed and a parameter would be ideal.

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Hi @andrewsimmans ,


Did you get the solution?

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@andrewsimmans , You're absolutely right. It makes a lot of sense.
I was looking for the same thing.

Do you have any best practices workarounds you would like to share with us? 

Thanks in advance