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Parse Email Body and store the content in SharePoint List

Hello Team,


I am trying to store the content in Sharepoint List as soon as email arrives in outlook.


Basically i want to parse the email body. Till now what i learnt is this is not possible only we can store the full body in Sharepoint Multiline of text column but we cannot parse the content in HTMl in mails.


Please let me know in future we can have this.





Status: Completed

You can now convert HTML to plain text:

New Member

Do you have to pay for plumsail to use that link?

Regular Visitor

HTML a texto no funciona, necesito todo en formato HTML, tablas, estilos, enlaces, ya que el cuerpo es texto enriquecido.

The data extracted by Parse is poor, my application takes everything up to the images embedded in base64

Office 365 Email Data.png