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Pass Storage Credentials to Azure Blog Storage Connector from PowerApps to Flow

Please see the conversation at the below url, you should not have to create a connection in flow before you can use the create blob connector, it should be dynamic - you should be able to pass the storage account and key along with the file path, file name and blob.  I have 110 users, each need to store their files in their own storage acocunt and right now i have no way of doing this - with the exeption of one way which seems like a back door to application problems.


That one way is when a user logs in to the PowerApp, they are prompted to agree to, connect and/or sign in to the various connectors.  While this seems like a good idea, we should be able to lock this down and force the user to use the connections that came with the app - otherwise they can change the storage acocunt to something esle.  Much like 'Execute As' in SQL Server, the user should have permissions to use the connectors/credentials that were used when the app was created as long as they are used in the context of the app and creating user (or specified user credentials).


Check out my comments here:


-Eric Niemiec

Status: New