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Pass Variables to Flows through Start Flow Action

When using the Start Flow action (, it would be useful to be able to pass variables to flows that have inputs. 


This is similar to another idea ( but rather than passing variables between runs of the same flow, I am specifically asking for one flow to be able to pass variables to any flow called using the Start Flow action.

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This is already doable - 


Option 1:

Store the values created from Flow 1 in a SharePoint list, Excel file, JSON file etc. Then Flow 2 gets the variable from this file. Flow 2 can be triggered by when an item is inserted or updated in SharePoint list, when a file is created, etc.


Option 2 (my preferred method):

Flow 2 is triggered with the 'When a HTTP request is received' action in the 'Requests' connector. Variables can be passed in the URL or as JSON values in the body of the request. Flow 1 triggers Flow 2 using the 'HTTP' connector to submit a web request to Flow 2. Using this method, Flow 2 is also able to send a response to Flow 1 - could be as simple as status code 200 indicating everything is ok, or Flow 1 could pass some values back. Another advantage of this is that Flow 2 can be triggered anywhere within Flow 1, not just when it finishes, and Flow 1 will wait for a response from Flow 2.


This method can be used to implement a sort of functional programming - if you have something you need to do a lot, like run a certain calculation, one flow can be created to do that, and it can be sent data by many other flows and can return the computed value. Like a function but a bit clunkier.